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    bpfc resources
Prompted by a hack3rcon lecture by Jon Schipp, I did quite a bit of research into crafting custom filters.
These are some links I found relevant.
Hack3rcon 3 Intro to Network Traffic Analysis Part 1 Jon Schipp
current bpfc manpage- check here, not locally
A simple bpfc example
Another example
WinDis 32 Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) Programming
TCP Header Format (Critical for crafting bpfc code)
Wikipedia - List of IP protocol numbers
Wikipedia - IPv4
Wikipedia - EtherType

    data visualization examples
Interesting maps and videos demonstrating data visualization
Video of Japan's 2011 Earthquakes
Nuclear Detonation Since 1945 Time Laspe
Mars Viking MDIM21 Color Global Mosaic 232m/p by Doug Ellison
USGS Astrogeology: Moon
Superb free atlas of the Czech Republic (bilingual)
World Airports Voronoi