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Evan Krell
Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
Computer Science undergraduate

Work and Projects:
    TAMUCC Cyber Defense Team / Cyber Defense research assistance
    Summer 2013 - Fall 2014
Helped to create student resources and assignment material.
Additionally, participated with my comrades on the Cyber Defense Team in various competitions,
including: Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, Panoply, MITRE, and National Cyber League.

    Genomics Core Lab
    Spring 2015 - Today
Perform Linux system administration for 3 Supermicros. Learning and applying
bioinformatics techniques as well as utilizing parallel programming across
processors within a computer and across multiple clustered nodes.

    ICORE (Innovation in Computing Research), unmanned vehicle research
    Summer 2015 - Today
Project still in its infancy; details comming soon.

    Open source advocate
    Birth - Death
Convince myself and others that any missing functionality in Linux or other
open source platforms are unneeded due to being "bloat"
or "plebian garbage". When those features become available, convince
myself and others that it will be the "year of the Linux desktop".

Topics of interest ( technology ):
    Linux | steganography | encryption | databases | exploit development
    data visualization/analysis | bioinformatics | algorithms | amateur radio
    unmanned systems | operating systems