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Evan Krell
Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
Computer Science graduate student

Work and Projects:
    TAMUCC Cyber Defense Team / Cyber Defense research assistance
    Summer 2013 - Fall 2014
Helped to create student resources and assignment material.
Additionally, participated with my comrades on the Cyber Defense Team in various competitions,
including: Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, Panoply, MITRE, and National Cyber League.

    Genomics Core Lab
    Spring 2015 - Fall 2017
Developed a metabarcoding pipeline. The original project was to study the gut contents of Gulf of Mexico predator species. The developed pipeline has since been applied to a number of metabarcoding projects. Resulting from this work was a comparison of several taxonomic assignment programs. Also, I developed a number of scripts for evaluating the effectiveness/trustworthiness of metabarcoding results. While I am no longer employed by this lab, I am still involved in multiple upcoming papers based on this work.

    Pixel Island
    Fall 2017 - Today
I am currently building an unmanned airboat. The design is based on turning a quadcopter on its side to use as a fan. Control will be done by altering individual rotor speeds, just like a quadcopter. My focus is really on the mission planner. I want to increase the autonomy of USVs. My approach is have a scientist/analyst agent who automatically detects interesting targets and a chief surveyor agent who creates the mission that safely/effectively captures targets. Both roles exist onboard the craft. Project updates are occassionally recorded on this blog.

    Aerial Unmanned Systems Summer Institute (team mentor)
    Summer 2018
    Local news coverage.
I was mentor for the Green Team. This camp was a wild ride: flight practice was a series of spectacular crashes. But students became competent drone operators by competition time on the final day. Green team came in second, just a few points away from the top. We had a really good group of campers. The mentors assisted the students with building the vehicles, helped them develop piloting skills, fixed the inevitable crash damagea, delivered presentations on engineering concepts, and designed the competition.